Small gifts ... changing lives


"This year, we were introduced to three young girls from a state-run orphanage near Lviv. Although twelve and fifteen years of age, they were severely under-sized and malnourished. We used Ukr-Aid funds to enable them to go to the spa resort of Truskavets for convalescence. We are also paying for an operation for the girl on the right to help her speech."

Trustees, Ukr-Aid, 7th December 2008

Ukr-Aid engages in fund raising and appeals for charitable donations.


The charity raises awareness of the plight of underprivileged children in Ukraine.


The Trustees work directly with stakeholders in Ukraine, in particular the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, to identify situations where there is genuine need.


The grants provided are used for basic needs, such as the supply of clothing and school equipment, repair and maintenance of buildings, and the furnishing of dormitories.


Ukr-Aid collaborates with other charities engaged in similar work in Ukraine.


The work of the charity is carried out on a voluntary basis. There is no deduction of expenses or charge for administration: 100% of all donations go directly to projects in Ukraine.


The Trustees travel to Ukraine and review each project on a regular basis to ensure that funding is appropriate and is used as intended.


Ukr-Aid has Independent Advisers who provide guidance and oversee its activities, and Observers from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches.


Our policy is not to retain large reserves, but to allocate funds to projects as quickly as possible.


The work of the charity is governed by a Trust Deed. A copy of Ukr-Aid's Annual Report , which includes a statement of accounts, is available on request.


Fund raising event at Weston-on-Trent in Derbyshire


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