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'To relieve the charitable needs of children in Ukraine who are socially and economically disadvantaged...'

There is a historical legacy of underprivileged children in Ukraine, through events in World War 2 which lead to the enforced break-up of families, through the post war communist years, and most recently due to the economic vacuum as Ukraine makes its long and dangerous journey to democracy.

Ukr-Aid's objective is: -'


To relieve the charitable needs of children in Ukraine who are socially and economically disadvantaged, by raising awareness of their plight and by providing grants, goods or services, either generally or individually.'


Message from the Trustees

‘When we first visited Ukraine in 2006 we were never more aware of the beauty and richness of our Ukrainian heritage. We were especially struck by the depth of generosity and humanity shown by some of the people we met who were helping to look after children in orphanages. It was at that time that the seeds of Ukr-Aid were sown and we decided to do something to help these communities. One of the most precious gifts in life is to be conscious of injustices in the world and to be able to do something about them. Ukraine has undergone its ‘Orange Revolution’, but recent events have shown that its transformation to a modern democracy is a lengthy and dangerous process. Ukr-Aid has been set up in service to the children who find themselves in need of support at this time. If we help only one child then our work will have been worthwhile.’

Trustees / Executive Committee


Myron Maslanyj (Chair)

Halyna Daciow-Maslanyj (Secretary)

Roman Zaviyskyy (Overseas operations)


Independent Advisers


Sisters of Mercy,  Abingdon

Nigel Parker

Taras Mychaluk


Deacon Tim Meadows

Slavko Mykosowski (Website design)

Endorsement by Ukrainian Greek Catholic Churc


Praised be Jesus Christ!


Dear Sirs,


The Apostolic Exarchate for Ukrainian Catholics in Great Britain fully endorses the aims of this newly created Charity “Ukr-Aid” and hopes that in some way it will contribute in lessening of the suffering of underprivileged children in our homeland.


Yours in Jesus,


Fr. Benjamin Lysykanych

Apostolic Administrator.

15 March 2007


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